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Online Bollywood Dance Classes

What People Learn From Online Bollywood Dance Classes

Bollywood is an Indian dance performed all over the world and very popular in Australia that people say drives them wild. Online Bollywood dance classes are available for anyone interested in the dynamic and diverse cultural dance style. Bollywood is performed at weddings, birthdays, festivals and other celebration events. Those who perform it say it liberates them from the stress of everyday life and allows them to express their inner selves. Natasha Baweja leads the NB Dance group and she is always eager to teach people the art of this dance. She finds her joy in teaching Bollywood to anyone who has the slightest passion for dancing and started up the Online Bollywood dance classes. While most of the world is still under the COVID-19 mandates, online courses are the best option for everyone willing to learn. Natasha had found much success in New Zealand and moved the tradition to Melbourne, Australia area. She has been running NB Dance since 2013.

Online courses have taken their trends with the world and the Bollywood dance group zoom dance classes are no different. Natasha has been a performer, a choreographer and a dance instructor for over a decade. She has performed with her Bollywood dance group in multiple music videos, movies and on stage live performances. As soon as you see this performance, minds begin to churn and people feel like they want to give this cultural dance a try. They immediately start flocking to the Bollywood Dance group zoom classes to sign up. NB Dance has taught workshops and performances for AFL Australia, SBS Australia, Commonwealth Bank, CPA Australia, Deakin University, City of Melbourne, Village Cinemas and Cricket Victoria. Natasha and her dance group have performed for over 2.4 million people while on Channel 10's Logie-winning program, "The Living Room." In 2015, they performed for the National Youth Festival and toured all over Australia.