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The Internet Allows People to Learn Bollywood Dances on Zoom

As fame and interest grow in Australia for Bollywood dancing,  people have found interest in going online to learn Bollywood dances on Zoom. Natasha's fame is spreading with the dance, and she was chosen to be a judge at the international "Indi King Evolution" competition twice in New Zealand with the MJ5 team. and Punit J Pathak. As people learn Bollywood dances on Zoom, they also learn about the name of Natasha's company, NB Dance. The NB stands for Note Bene, which is a Latin word for "take notice." She chose this name wisely as it describes the push that she wishes for the dance community in terms of growth. Natasha says the meaning behind the name says it should make people believe in themselves, to take notice that they can learn this dance with the passion they hold within themselves. 

Bollywood dance classes are available on Zoom. Before the COVID-19 pandemic became the world's biggest problem, Natasha taught all her classes to large groups of people whether indoors in-studio or outdoors at a festival. The numbers were growing as everyone showed the ultimate signs of having the time of their lives. Currently all the dance classes are only taught online via Zoom to help keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Social distancing cuts down on the number of people that can be taught all at one time, so Natasha took to the internet with her dance classes on Zoom. All classes are scheduled online through the website and have the dates and times of the live sessions so anyone interested can sign up.